Richard Hooker
Anglicanism's Genius
The Reverend Michael B. Russell is the Priest for Formation at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. He has been working with Richard Hooker's seminal Anglican manuscripts for more than 25 years.  In 1994 he and The Reverend Zabron Davis produced the first and only complete paperback edition of Hooker's works in the twentieth century.  They priced that set for students.  As you can see a new edition of Hooker's Works, bundled with Russell's Hooker's Blueprint, is available for order on the Home page.

Between 1994 and 2004, Russell distilled Hooker's Of The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity in Hooker's Blueprint, a section-by-section key ideas summary. His Blueprint provides a quick way for students to comprehend the sweep of Hooker's thoughts and arguments in preparation for reading the actual text.  The book continues to be available from him, on and now as a Kindle book at Amazon.