Richard Hooker
Anglicanism's Genius
Praise for Hooker's Blueprint
"One needs to read the [Laws] paragraph by paragraph, referring to Russell's distillation much as one would depend upon a docent to assist a visit to the art gallery."

The Rev. Sam Portaro in The Living Church
"[Hooker's Blueprint] is perhaps best seen as an amplified distillation of the Laws, and as such, can be of considerable value. It can benefit scholars who focus in other areas but need to know what Hooker was all about; it can benefit clergy and lay leaders who do not have the time to plumb the original text, but want to glean what wisdom Hooker might have for the contemporary church; and it will help Hooker scholars who lack immediate recall overcome that particular deficiency. 
"It would be good for both the academy and the church if Hooker's Blueprint finds wide distribution." 

The Reverend Robert Giannini in Anglican and Episcopal History.

In Hooker's Blueprint, Michael B. Russell provides clergy, lay people, and theological students with a workable and trustworthy means of entry into the mind of the most significant theologian of the sixteenth century English Reformation.

"A valuable resource for Anglicans today who struggle to find their common voice in relation with other Christians and with the larger human community, the [Blueprint] can stand by itself with the gist of the Laws preserved or, as Russell hopes, it can both motivate and help enable readers 'to plumb' those depths of the theologian's thought."  
The Rev. Dr. William Haugaard, member of the Editorial group which produced the Folger Edition of the Laws.